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The Main Contributors of Mold

Mold is a nuisance in most homes and buildings because it can grow anywhere as long as the conditions for growth are right. It’s important to understand the contributors of mold grow so you can’t mitigate it’s affects. It is so stressful having molds in your walls, floors or property. Even if you are a clean freak, eliminating molds in your home area will never be easy. To get rid of these molds, you have to know the root cause to avoid constant re-appearing in your walls and cabinets.

This article discusses the main contributors to mold growth to help you get rid of it easily.

Water on Surfaces

Water is essential in the growth of most living things in the universe; there is no exception for mold. Mold can grow with any amount of water as long as there is a slight dampness. You need to check some of the hidden places around the house like the sink area, plumbing in the bathroom, and dense ceiling areas and keep them dry. Understand that the more a place stays wet, the chances of mold growing in that area.

Ensure that your drainage system is not leaking, plumbing lines are not damp, and bathroom areas like the shower curtains or shower corners are not left wet. You can put waterproof surfaces with the help of Toledo Basement Repair to help solve wetness problems.

Nutrients to Feed On

Mold requires nutrients for survival and reproduction. Mold in the forest or outside the house depends on other plants for food like tree trunks or under logs. The molds will get food from the wood, in the bathroom, or the wooden cabinet in a hidden damp corner in your house. It can also feed on dirt and dust, which is hard to control in the house.

Remember, the main source of food for molds is organic materials, mostly the building materials. If you want to get rid of these stressful organisms, look on dark, warm, and moist areas and work on them.

Poor Lighting in the Home

Mold cannot survive in a well-lit place or areas exposed to direct sunlight. Sunlight destroys its cellular structure. This explains why you will find molds on tree trunks, under a wood log, and in a canopy forest. Having the whole house get direct sunlight supply is not easy. But again, dark places give mold space to grow on the house’s poorly lit sections. You can buy indoor lights that can produce the same wavelength as the sun to help destroy the molds.

Temperature of the Home Area

Molds grow in areas with about 40-100 degrees Fahrenheit and can never grow in extremely cold places. The typical home setting has a temperature of 72-81, meaning it can support the growth of molds. If the house is dark and moist, getting rid of molds will be a hard task for you because your family members also need to keep warm through the favorable temperature.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that you keep the home area humid with 30-50 percent humidity. It should not exceed 60 percent because exceeding this will make your home molds home.

Work with Us!

Understanding the main causes of mold growth will be important in the process of eliminating it in your home. Maintain the temperatures for your family members without providing a conducive environment for mold. Consider contacting professionals at Toledo Basement Repair for a free mold inspection. We will also give you free estimate on waterproofing and basement needs with a 10% off your next service. Let’s work together to improve our safety and address health issues including COVID-19.



Basement Waterproofing Toledo & Structural Repair
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