Are you thinking about finally working on your unfinished basement? While the average basement remodel cost is around $6,500 to $18,500, the return on investment can be up to 69%. That means having a finished basement is not only great for entertaining guests, but it’s also incredibly profitable for you because it’s a home feature buyers want. Here are some basement remodeling ideas to help you get started!

Go Double with Living Rooms

Why have one family room when you can have two? Remodeling a basement is the perfect opportunity to give your home two places where you can relax. Kids can play and watch movies in the basement living room, while adults can interact in the more formal living room upstairs!

Turn a Basement Space into a Bedroom

Have a teen that’s tired of sharing a bedroom with a younger sibling? Extended family always staying over? Reconstructing the entire basement into a bedroom will give someone the space, privacy, and comfort they need for a good night’s rest. If you want a spare sleeping area but don’t have the space, creating an alcove with a built-in bed and shelves is great for smaller basements. Just be sure your design plans include enough space for bathroom renovations!

Make a Small Apartment

Take a basement spare bedroom one step further by turning your downstairs into an apartment suite. Go with a kitchenette with updated appliances and an island, a small space to put a couch for lounging, a half wall to create the boundaries of a bedroom, and a bathroom. You can rent the space out to earn some extra money, or let your college kids stay there in between living arrangements and jobs.

Sweat It Out in a Home Gym

A basement provides plenty of room to make a workout room tailored to your interests. Carve out space to build that sauna you’ve always wanted, or use multiple floor types to divide up workout stations, such as wood floors for yoga and carpet for cool-down stretches. Rubber mats are an affordable basement flooring option—not to mention, a smart way to protect the ground from heavy equipment.

Enjoy a Theater Experience at Home

What better feature to include in your basement plans than a home theater. Basements often have little to no windows, making the dark space ideal for that movie theater vibe. Raise the floor to add rows of recliners, invest in recessed fixtures with soft lighting you can dim, and swap out large a TV for a projector and screen. Whatever your style may be, there are tons of home theater ideas for you try!

Entertain Guests with a Wet Bar

Adding a bar is a fantastic idea for upgrading your basement. Put some cabinets with a built-in counter up against the wall to keep the space open, or make a wet bar the main spot to socialize with wrap-around counters and cool bar stools. Add major style points with a built-in fridge, countertop beer tap, and lots of snacks!

Show Off Your Wine Collection

Wine connoisseurs can show off their favorite selection of reds with unfinished basement ideas like a wine cellar. A personalized space to store your collection takes strategic planning, but with the proper air system, shelves or racks, and insulation, you can have your dream DIY wine cellar!

Let Your Kids Be Free in a Playroom

Cool basement ideas don’t just have to be for the adults—consider doing something fun for the little ones with your remodel! Stairs that turn into a slide, a rock climbing wall, and built-in shelves to house games or toys are all awesome kids playroom ideas to consider for your basement.

Give Laundry a Designated Area

A basement laundry room gives mounds of clothes and sports gear a designated spot off of bedroom and hallway floors. Add energy-efficient washer/dryers, tile floors for easy to clean spills, and tall storage cabinets to store ironing boards and detergents.

Customize Your Staircase

Your stairs are the first thing guests will see when they walk down into your finished basement. Give them something to talk about with a staircase that’s one of a kind. Create suspended steps, light-up steps, or glass side panels. Or make smaller changes by installing patterned carpet, decorative tiles, or a unique railing. Looking for more cool staircase designs? Check out these under the stairs ideas!

Get Creative with Flooring

Flooring should be at the top of your basement remodeling ideas list! Create a cozy space with wall to wall carpeting, a modern look with ceramic tile and bright area rugs, or combine multiple floor types! Vinyl plank flooring gives the stylish look of hardwood floors for half the price.

Explore Different Wall Textures

Basement walls are the perfect opportunity for you to get creative! Mixed wood walls are a budget-friendly option that will give your space a cabin-like feel. And charcoal stones, brick, or tile are great basement wall ideas if you want to experiment with texture. But if you’re not ready to make any drastic changes, a neutral paint color and colorful crown molding will do the trick!

Drop Ceilings Are Key

While some enjoy the industrial look of exposed metal beams, drops ceilings are the way to go! Not only do they help keep your basement at a comfortable temperature, but they’re also easy to install and good for soundproofing the space. If you plan to build a spare bathroom or theater in your basement, drop ceilings will hide unsightly plumbing pipes and wires!

Include Good Lighting

Changing up the lighting is a simple basement idea that won’t break the bank. Install bright pendants, track lighting, chandeliers, or even neon signs depending on the theme. Smart bulbs are perfect for recessed lighting fixtures, and you can control the brightness from your phone or Google Home.

Dress Up Basement Windows

Not everyone thinks about small emergency windows as something to improve when renovating a basement. Build deep sills, create a dark wood trim, and switch old latch closures for ones with gold or matte finishes to amp up dull windows.

Use Glass to Open Walkout Basements

Incorporating wall-to-wall sliding doors, large glass windows, or even a cool garage door is a great way to combine your outdoor living space with your downstairs. It can also give a tiny area an open and airy feel, making it one of the best small basement remodel ideas.

Add Design Flair with Arches

Arches are a smart way to give your basement a new look while also creating distinct areas for a living room, bar, and game zone. These DIY drywall arches can be installed between existing doorways or support columns with just a saw, some lumber, and carpentry skills.

Separate Space with Barn Doors

Need basement ideas on a budget for your remodel? Putting in sliding barn doors in your downstairs living space allows you to create separate rooms without the costly renovation of building complete walls. Not to mention, sliding doors give you the ability to instantly make your basement bigger whenever entertaining large groups!

Storage Is a Basement Must

No basement plans are complete without built-in storage! Open up floor space and keep TV equipment from getting ruined with DIY recessed shelves or floating shelves. Storage cabinets are excellent for showcasing decor and books or building a custom snack bar for a home theater!

From setting up the ultimate space for relaxation to maximizing square footage, there are tons of basement remodeling ideas that will help you create a cool hangout spot! Thinking about remodeling your kitchen upstairs? Check out these kitchen renovation ideas to help you get started on your new project!

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