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Why do crawl spaces need repair and what goes into crawl space care?

Repairing a crawl space is essential to maintaining the value and foundation of a home. 40% of the air circulating in the home originates from the crawl space. A crawl space, the short space between the basement of the home and the ground floor, is a useful and often overlooked aspect of a home’s structural integrity.

Whether the crawl space is used for storage of holiday decorations, insulation, or electrical access, it is imperative to take care of the space. When you neglect a crawl space it becomes susceptible to several damaging forces of nature including but not limited to; pests, water damage, mold, and damaged home structure.

Although these issues may not seem easy to notice, they can have devastating effects on the home. Issues throughout the home such as musty smells, cupping floors, pests in the home, and or a high electricity bill could be a direct result of problems happening in your crawl space. These are clear signs that a crawl space may need repair.

Problems that can occur

The low, small crawl space is the perfect place for critters to live. If there are any leaks, holes, or cracks in the foundation of the home, pests will find their way in. Pests become a real problem when they begin to damage the crawl space, insulation, and eventually find their way into the living areas of the home. Since crawl spaces are difficult to access, it can be hard for homeowners to even realize there is a pest problem, making crawl space repair essential. One example of crawl space repair that can be used to help rid the space of pests is installing encapsulation.

Water Damage

There is a multitude of problems in the crawl spaces that are due to water and moisture damage. Especially when there is poor ventilation in the home, the humidity can get out of control and have a lot of consequences to the crawl space. There are clear signs that the crawl space needs repairs after water damage. The extra moisture in the crawl space creates damaging problems such as rotting wood and structural facets, mold, and mildew spreading.

These consequences can become dangerous for homeowners, and repairing the crawl space becomes essential for a healthy household. Mold is dangerous as it circulates in the air and originates in the crawl space. Mold will be spread through the home in the air, and may even spread to other rooms and the foundation. Mold has harmful health consequences when inhaled. Fortunately, crawl space repair such as a vapor barrier will help prevent mold in the future.

Additionally, structural damage due to moisture and standing water damage will also have dangerous consequences. This water damage can cause standing water, rotting, and rusting structures and foundation. These are reasons for immediate and professional repair of the crawl space and basement. Homes with rotting structures are more susceptible to inclement weather, especially serious storms such as tornadoes or earthquakes. Active repair of the crawl space can help prevent these issues, and professionals can help when problems do occur! There are many professional solutions to crawl space repair and improve maintenance. An example of one of the most effective repairs of a crawl space that can prevent water damage is waterproofing.

How we can help

Here at Toledo Basement Repair, we can help with all your basement and crawl problems! Experts in crawl space repair and safety offer affordable, and effective solutions to your basement and crawl space problems. We make it easy for you to get all of your crawl space repair needs. Currently, we are offering a free estimate on all waterproofing and basement needs, and 10% off of your next service. Check out more on crawl spaces through our website. You can also follow us on Facebook!

Basement Waterproofing Toledo & Structural Repair
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