Owning a home is a big responsibility – from bills to maintenance and repair, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Here at Toledo Basement Repair we want to provide some peace of mind in one area of homeownership. We hope this list of the common reasons why your basement might leak this winter will help you avoid costly repairs. All too often the basement and foundation are neglected which can have some dangerous consequences, especially with colder weather. Moisture is a basement’s worst enemy and ironically enough gets in so close! The foundation and basement of a home support the entire structure’s weight, it is imperative to keep it in good standing. Literally. Lets look at some common reasons water may get into your basement.

How to Check for Trouble

Preventative measures are important to consider for your home’s health. Give your gutters and downspouts an inspection. Many times, they are not installed correctly and, instead of diverting water away from vulnerable spots, directs it right toward them. Even a clogged gutter can pose a threat. Melted snow becomes a problem as the home emits heat and creates moisture that seeps in. It is important to note the effect of hydrostatic pressure on water which refers to the downward pull by gravity. This pressure often forces moisture into the tiniest of concrete fractures. Water can seriously damage wood as well. Any type of standing water or even condensation from severe temperatures can find their way into your home. On rare occasions the wrong soil could have been laid down underneath, or there is not enough of a ground slope leading away from the house. Identify any openings in window or door seals.

There are a few things to keep an eye on to pinpoint any existing water damage:

  • Mold and mildew, which pose a health risk to occupants
  • Peeling paint from the walls
  • Leaking walls
  • Dry rot
  • Flooding or standing water
  • Any obvious moisture or dampness

Waterproofing Is the Answer to the Common Reasons Why Your Basement Might Leak This Winter

Waterproofing is a stellar solution to wipe away worry; giving your home ample defense in the fight against the elements. We urge you to waterproof your home. However, following these simple tasks can help extend the life of your foundation. Ensure that your outside drainage is working as it should. Address any outdoor factors that promote leaking. Invest in a dehumidifier or even some waterproof carpet. Make the seals in your walls and floor watertight. If all else fails, turn to the helpful professionals at Toledo Basement Repair.

Take advantage of our free waterproofing estimate and receive 10% off your next service. The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all of us and we are taking extra careful pre-cautions. There is a lot of uncertainty in the world these days. At least one thing you can rely on, and that is a sturdy foundation for your house. Home is where the heart is, so protect your home’s heart. Make sure to watch for the signs and prepare for anything to happen. If anything should, contact your local experts at Toledo Basement Repair.

For more information, check out this helpful link on waterproofing your basement .

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