Clogged Gutters- How They Affect Your Basement

Clogged gutters are an obstacle that can cause a lot of damage to your foundation and your basement if not taken care of immediately. Below is a list of issues that can be caused by obstructed gutters.

Roof Leak

A clogged gutter will cause water to stand on your roof, which will eventually leak through onto your ceiling. As the water lands on your ceiling, it will begin to mold and sag, eventually giving way – hopefully not landing on anyone.

Driveway Sag

If the clog is in the right spot in your gutters, it can cause water to settle and pool under your driveway. After a while of the water sitting, the concrete will give out, causing cracks and sagging. Nobody wants an uneven driveway.

Rotted Wood

A homes wood fascia, located in the ceiling, is very key to holding it together. Water in the ceiling will rot away this wood, threatening the safety of the whole house. This could even lead to a major collapse.

Cracked Foundation

Your foundation is extremely important when it comes to the integrity of your home and the safety of your family. A gutter is meant to keep all the water away from your house, but a clogged gutter will cause it to build against your house. As the water builds, it pushes the soil into your foundation, which will cause it to give eventually. It can also cause mold to grow inside your foundation and cause health problems.

Clog Causes


This one is often overlooked because, honestly, who is thinking about clogged gutters in the middle of winder. However, a clogged gutter is one of these problems that can be caused by ice. Ice can easily build up and form a damn, which prevents any thawed water from moving freely through the gutter. An ice dam is something that can even happen in a perfectly clean gutter. It just depends on how much ice builds up that winter.


Leaves are often the main cause of a clogged gutter, especially during autumn. They tend to pile up everywhere. A gutter is an ideal place for them to clump together. If there is a lot of rain while the leaves are sitting there, they can become compacted together and allow for a worse clog to form.


Debris is often found right alongside leaves in a clogged gutter, especially in a place that tends to get a lot of wind. The wind, especially during a storm can easily lodge rocks or sticks into the gutter alongside any leaves there.

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