As the Holidays are fast approaching, and focus goes toward turkey size, replacing pumpkins with garland, and…’wait, how many place settings do I need, again?’ thoughts, sometimes the home-project ideas get tossed to the side (or the way-way back).
We at Diversified Group think that you should take time to fulfill those interior winter home improvement projects in order to keep you and your home warm!
Whether it be updating your kitchen to accommodate the never-ending cooking and holiday helpers, or waterproofing your basement so as to provide a safe storage area for your celebratory décor, Diversified Group will provide you with a free and fair quote and take time to conceptualize your home-project vision. Want to increase your home’s overall square footage for family celebrations? Diversified Group’s team can seamlessly convert your basement into a fully-functional living space without the hassle of adding onto your home’s exterior!
Additionally, energy-efficient upgrades will not only save you money short and long term, but also keep the chill out and warm in! Insulation, upgraded storm windows, and new door sweeps would do just the trick! Diversified Group will take care of any home improvement wants and needs you desire.
DG wishes you and your family a happy, healthy, cozy, and warm holiday season!

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