Basement Waterproofing Toledo & Structural Repair

People often ask if basement waterproofing can be done in the winter. The answer depends on the basement waterproofing systems being used.  Exterior basement waterproofing is where the perimeter of the home is excavated to the bottom of the footer, most always with an heavy machinery. This type of work is messy and is done more easily in good weather; however, exterior basement waterproofing can be performed during winter months as long as the weather is fairly dry.  In fact dry and cold  is better than warm and wet.

Other basement systems designed to waterproof basements from the interior are performed year round with very little to no exceptions.  Interior basement waterproofing involves removing a small area of the perimeter of the floor to allow access to the footer from inside the foundation.  Interior footer drains are then installed to collect and direct ground water to a pump system that keeps the foundation dry.

Other basement systems are made up of a combination of interior basement waterproofing and exterior basement waterproofing methods that are usually performed all year round.  In fact, winter months can be an ideal time to get your basement waterproofing project completed based on availability of basement waterproofing contractors and dry weather conditions.  This will also prepare your foundation to stay dry during wet spring rains. To make matters even wetter, for every inch of rain you receive on your roof, 1,000 gallons slide off into your gutters and ultimately lands on the ground directly next to the frame of your house. And yes, this puts your basement at risk.

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Basement Waterproofing Toledo & Structural Repair
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