Are You Scared of Your Basement?

Slab Foundation Repair

If your basement looks like something from a budget horror movie, full of damp corners, uneven flooring and weird stains on the walls, it’s probably time to call us in. As basement specialists, we have the skills and expertise necessary to transform your basement from the terrifying to the terrific. Using a range of innovative techniques, including concrete slab jacking and slab foundation repair, we can waterproof your basement, providing immediate relief from the numerous aesthetic and structural problems which dampness can cause.

Don’t Ignore Basement Dampness

Particularly if you only spend a short period of time in your basement, perhaps because it’s used as a laundry room or storage area, it’s easy to overlook the symptoms of a damp spot or environment. Unfortunately without treatment, dampness can begin to erode your foundations, eventually causing dangerous structural instability. If you’re located in Toledo or Maumee, OH, OH, call on us to do a survey of your basement area and give you some ideas for addressing any dampness problems you have?

Affordable and Fully Guaranteed

We cover every basement repair we undertake with a no-nonsense twenty-year guarantee. In addition, we aim to always be competitive, ensuring you receive premium value when you choose us for your basement’s remedial work. Our professional team members are all highly experienced and extremely skilled, ensuring you enjoy excellent results, no matter how challenging the job might be.

Committed to the Customer

From concrete slab jacking to a new drain system, we ensure that every project we undertake is done using premium materials and expert workmanship. We are a well-established company in the Maumee and Toledo, OH area, with a formidable track record in providing high caliber installations and exemplary customer service. To request a FREE, no obligation quote, call us now at (419) 297-6138.

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