"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

~ Henry Ford

Kevin Oberhouse was raised in Toledo with 7 siblings. Dawn and he have four kids.

The Oberhouse family lives in the house Kevin built when with his first crew. Kevin’s parents invited more than 100 foster children into their home throughout his life. Kevin believes this part of his life really helped to build empathy for others. 

Kevin went on to get an MBA and multiple other certifications in structural systems, egress systems, air quality, commercial and residential roofing, among many others.  

Toledo Basement Repairs promise to treat you and your project with respect and our best professional judgment. There is plenty of work out there and Toledo Basement Repair will not push you into a system that you do not fully understand or feel comfortable with.

Rules & Values, Kevin and his Team Portray

Do what is right for the customer (like a family member)

Extreme attention to detail

Treat each other equal to a customer

Be fair in all business dealings

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