Basement Waterproofing Toledo & Structural Repair

Repair and protect your basement. The basement in your home increases the floor area without an increase in total land area. If you have a large family, a basement provides extra space for utilities in your home. Like, water heaters or air conditioning systems. Also, a basement remodel is a worthy investment. It transforms the available space by adding value to your home.

Damage Repair and Protect

Structural damage to the foundation can make the entire house a potential hazard to its occupants. Foundation damage can lead to the collapse of the whole building if left without repair. We work with structural engineers to determine the best steel pier for your building repair that include;

Push piers: They work with steel hydraulic piers to raise the foundation back to its original level. The raised foundation is kept in position by piers resting a layer of rocks underground.

Helical piers: Depending on the damage of the basement, anchors, helical piles, and other accessories used. Termination devices and helical piles with spacing depending on structure load and soil bearing capability reinforce stem walls and foundations.

Also, underpinning brackets repair exteriors and slab brackets repair the interior of the basement. Other foundation repair methods include floor joist, rotted joist replacement, and wall reinforcement and straightening.

Structural carpentry Repair and Protect

Your basement structural carpentry should prevent potential safety risks. Use egress windows to enhance safety, security, fresh air and allow natural lighting into the basement. Also, Toledo Basement Repair offers the best egress windows that are easy to open in emergencies like fires and other natural events. Every bedroom and living room in a basement has one egress window as required by International Residential Code.


Keep your basement dry and with fresh air circulation in the building because it flows from the basement to the upper floors. For instance, our air filtration system improves air quality in the basement by removing dirt basement air and allowing entry of dry air from upstairs.

Also, it is economical because there is no need for heating and cooling ducts. Humid basements harbor molds that are a danger to human health. Use our patented vent covers to prevent outside air from entering the basement and prevent mildew, molds, and odors.


A waterproof basement protects the foundation, prevents floods, keeps your items safe, eliminates molds and insects, and reduces building repair and insurance claim costs. Also, Toledo basement repair provides solutions to keep your basements waterproof with systems like crawl space drainage, crawl shield encapsulation, crawl space dehumidification, and simple shield drainage matting.

In conclusion, Toledo Basement Repair will partner with you to make sure your basement remodeling exceeds your expectation. Also, we are happy to offer a free estimate on all waterproofing or basement needs and 10% off on your next service. In addition, during this Covid-19 pandemic, we are taking all the health preventive measures. Repair and protect your basement today!

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Basement Waterproofing Toledo & Structural Repair
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