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Perfect Drain System

Waterproofing solutions that last by Toledo Basement Repair. Whether it’s setting up a vapor barrier or tiling indoor or outdoor, we can help get rid of your damp walls and floors and we guarantee all of our work. We are your basement waterproofing experts!

Our Perfect Drain System Products / Services Include:Permanent Water Solutions

  • Tile in and out
  • Crock and sub pump
  • Water shield
  • Drywall and Sewer hookup
  • Crawl space overhauls
  • Grading and seals
  • Invisible support and reinforcement
  • Foundation repair
  • Wall straightening

Exterior Waterproofing:

Generally includes excavation of walls. Walls are cleaned of any excess debris and dirt, and examined for any cracks or holes which would be filled.

Three levels of protection:

  • Your drain tile system will be inspected and new tile areas are covered with a river rock aggregate.
  • We then cover the tile with #6 stone to create a porous system which allows for any water to flow to the drain tile. Porous fabric is used to prevent settling.
  • Toledo basement repair has adopted the revolutionary Grate Products closed tile systems. It adapts soil gas mitigation and waterproofing to the next level.

Interior Waterproofing:

  • Includes removal of concrete floor along the repair zone
  • New drain tile is installed and covered with rock aggregate
  • Walls are perforated to allow weep holes to remove the excess water.
  • A polymer board system is then installed and attached to the walls
  • With our rivet attachment feature to allow water to flow freely to the drain tile.


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