Maumee Residential Foundation Contractors Take Care of Your Basement Problems

Maumee, OH

Maybe you haven’t been in your basement in a couple of months and haven’t caught the signs of water damage that were beginning to slowly show through. If you have recently learned your basement is in dire need of repairs because of unattended water problems, look no further than our expert residential foundation contractors in Maumee, OH.

Call a Reliable Foundation Repair Company

If the walls in your basement are finished with drywall and it is swelling outwards in some areas, you can safely bet you have some serious moisture collection going on. When the floor joists begin to show signs of rot and moisture collection, the time to contact a professional for timely basement repair is at hand. Do not let these kinds of problems go unattended because they will get worse and cause greater, more expensive damage.

Is There Exposed Plumbing on the Ceiling of Your Basement?

Basement waterproofing can help to protect your basement space from leaking pipes, especially if the pipes are visible among the floor joists in your basement ceiling. Waterproofing your basement before you enclose the ceiling is best to prevent your new ceiling from being ruined. Be sure the plumbing above your basement is without leaks before waterproofing and installing ceiling materials.

Efflorescence Can Mean Water is Damaging Your Home

Efflorescence is the white, powdery residue left on concrete and sometimes wood when water has dried up or been absorbed deeply into the material. If you see signs of efflorescence residue in your basement or any other signs of water damage, contact our residential foundation contractors immediately at (419) 297-6138 for a thorough inspection of your basement.



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